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Looking for an event center that perfectly fit your desires for #wedding, #birthdays, #anniversaries #Seminars events? #much more…. Come check out all our indoor and outdoor event spaces ranging from our over 500 capacity presidential #Banquet hall to Elegant #Lounge Open air #penthouse (aka #another

Five Steps on achieving an incredible fitness goal

Hi! Today, let find out how we can achieve your fitness goal. 1. Have a clear cut goals of what you want to achieve. Think about what the end game is #Body weight loss, #Arm building, #Toning of muscles, #Body shape, #Physiotherapy or #Body kinetics. Whatever it is, Make sure it is clear

Questions Event Planner Asks

We recommends that before picking an event Center ask the following question. Is it accessible? Can guest locate it pretty quick? How is the road network like? Is it convenient for my guest? Do they make cash refund i choose not to continue with the

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